Jay Si Proof blends the finesse of a Steely Dan arrangement with the exploratory production of a Chick Corea record.” - Gus Berry Jackpot Recording Studio



In 2016 Jeff Chilton packed his trombone and guitar onto an Amtrak train out of Ithaca, NY to move west in search of a home and a band. Three years later Jay Si Proof was born in 2019 from the soggy jazz soaked dirt of Portland, OR. Described as "earth jazz alchemists" by Vortex Magazine, the band has evolved through adventurous jazz fusion to low-fi jams to a full fledged funk party, all while prioritizing genuine messages of spirituality, human betterment and a no shits given playfulness.

JSP is a true DIY project with 2 self produced EPs and a slew of grassroots touring efforts along the West Coast. Recorded in a mix of bed rooms and iconic Portland studios (Jackpot, Maproom, and Super Secret Studios) their EPs feature Jay Si Proof's iconic retro and utterly human aesthetic.

This group is super versatile! From the Scofield-esk guitar solo to the searing sound of Jeff Chilton’s trombone, [Jay Si Proof] goes beyond while maintaining roots in the language of jazz.” - Luis Ocasio KMHD Jazz Radio


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Press and other inquiries: jaysiproof@gmail.com